Samsung Issues Etiquette Guidelines for Mobile Phones
Dec 21, 2004
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Samsung India announced the release of "Samsung mobile phone etiquette and responsibility guideline for camera phone users," which asks users not to shoot and circulate objectionable content.

"Samsung believes that there is a need to use technology responsibly," Kunal Ahooja, vice president of Telecom for Samsung India Electronics Ltd, said. "To facilitate responsible use of integrated devices like the camera phone, Samsung has come up with a set of voluntary guidelines consumers of such devices.

Other handset manufacturers like Motorola and Nokia said that the they have been telling their users about ethical usage each time a mobile phone is sold.

The Samsung guidelines recommend that the privacy of persons around the user of the camera phone should be respected. "Camera phones should not be used to take photographs of individuals without their knowledge and consent," the company says. "Camera phones should not be used to take photographs in public places deemed 'private' like swimming pools, changing rooms, and gyms."

Samsung also advised consumers to respect the individual office and educational or industrial environment where the confidentiality of design and information is a matter of great importance. Camera features on the phone should not be used in these areas without the prior approval of the authorities concerned the company said. "Camera features on phones should not be used in areas, where cameras are not encouraged or prohibited, like airports, high security zones, museums, cinema theatres, and live performances," according to Samsung's guidelines.

The company also said consumers should not use phones while driving, and consumers should not take photos of or circulate objectionable content since it is an illegal act and punishable by law. (

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