Plasma HDTV Tops Holiday Wish Lists
Dec 21, 2004
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According to a new U.S. survey conducted for Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company, plasma HDTVs are the hot item this holiday season. The survey found that most of those surveyed said they wanted to receive or purchase a plasma TV.

Further, when armed with the facts about the various flat-panel TV technologies, the great majority of consumers opted for plasma over LCD televisions. The survey confirmed retailers' experience that fast-growing numbers of consumers compare technologies, features, and prices online, in advertising, and among friends and associates before coming to the store to look at a new TV.

The survey, conducted by Penn Schoen & Berland for Panasonic, determined that more than half (51 percent) of U.S. consumers say they are "confused" by the various flat-panel television technologies and the multiple options now available in TVs. It found that most of the confusion lies in comparing the benefits and features between plasma TVs and LCD models.

Once survey participants learned more about the performance and features of plasma television and HDTV, however, more than 60 percent expressed interest in purchasing a plasma HDTV, considered by some to be the performance standard of flat-panel digital televisions.

"Panasonic's plasma televisions are in high demand for the 2004 holiday season," said Ed Wolff, vice president of Panasonic's Display Group. "There's an excitement about plasma and high-definition television, and we've found that once consumers see it, and understand the features and benefits, they feel they have to become part of the coolest trend in TV since the introduction of color. That is why Panasonic is committed to educating consumers about plasma and HDTV."

Panasonic sees the retail relationship as key to consumers' buying decisions. The survey showed that more than eight out of ten consumers report doing some research before going to a retail store, but they rely on retail sales staffs to help them make that all important final purchasing decision.

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