China to Make Laws to Promote Recycling Economy
Dec 2, 2004
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China is to accelerate the pace of drafting the Regulations on the Comprehensive Utilization of Resources and the Regulations on the Management of Recycling and Disposal of Rejected and Worn-out Household Appliances and Electronics Products in a bid to promote the development of the recycling economy, according to the State Development and Reform Commission.

The country will also draft regulations on the management of the recycling and use of rejected tires and packages. At the same time, the government will step up the pace of formulating standards for the efficiency of energy-consuming equipment, water use quotas, and designing standards for energy-consuming industries and marks for recycled products.

Data from the State Development and Reform Commission show that China's GDP in 2003 accounted for 4 percent of the world total, whereas consumption of major energy sources accounted for a very high proportion. Oil consumption made up 7.4 percent of the world's total, raw coal 31 percent, steel 27 percent, and cement 40 percent. But only 30 percent of the mineral resources were recycled, about 20 percentage points below advanced world levels. (XIC)

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