Electrolux Announces Agreement with Magnetek
Nov 17, 2004
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Appliance maker Electrolux Home Products announced that is has reached an agreement with Magnetek, Inc. to supply Smart Appliance Modules(TM) (SAMs) for Electrolux appliances in the North American market for the first time.

According to the companies, the first year of production under the new North American agreement is valued at approximately U.S. $16 million. Magnetek will begin delivering SAMs for Electrolux horizontal-axis (front-loading) clothes washers.

Electrolux says front-loading clothes washers feature higher energy efficiency, use much less water, and operate more quietly than conventional top-loading clothes washers. Magnetek SAMs are microcontroller-based power controls that contribute to this enhanced performance by increasing the washer's motor efficiency and load-balancing ability, while reducing acoustic noise and electromagnetic interference.

Magnetek has been supplying electronic control boards to various Electrolux Home Products divisions in Europe for several years. Luciano Buti, Magnetek's appliance product manager, notes that global demand for advanced computer-controlled appliances such as those built by Electrolux Home Products is growing rapidly compared to the overall white goods market.

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