Matsushita to Develop Concentrated Oxygen Appliances
Nov 17, 2004
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Matsushita Electric Industrial has announced that its home appliances group has confirmed new beneficial effects of highly concentrated oxygen, in collaboration with the School of Medicine of Tokai University.

The joint research shows that the inhalation of highly concentrated oxygen (at 30 percent) leads to reduced body fat and blood glucose levels. Also, taking an air bubble bath using highly concentrated oxygen reportedly helps the skin improve its ability to retain moisture.

Matsushita said it plans to develop health and beauty appliances based on the findings. Currently, Matsushita's Home Appliances group is distributing oxygen appliances including air chargers and air-conditioners.

The company's appliance group consists of four affiliated companies: Matsushita Home Appliances, Matsushita Refrigeration, Matsushita Housing Equipment and Systems, and Matsushita Food Service System. (Medical News Today)

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