Electrolux Workers in Australia Strike
Nov 15, 2004
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Australian unions and appliance maker Electrolux are at odds over enterprise agreement negotiations, with workers going on strike.

The dispute revolves around on the company's offer of a 2.5-percent pay rise.

An estimated 100 workers at the company's Regency Park factory walked off the job for three hours on last week. They will reportedly be joined by another 400 or so workers at Beverley.

The Australian Workers Union says the company has discriminated against its blue collar workers in South Australia by offering them a 2.5-percent pay rise, when it offered white-collar workers and those in other states 4 percent.

Electrolux General Manager Paul Thomas says the claim is wrong and has also dismissed the union's claims that a 2.5-percent pay rise would not keep up with inflation. (Australian Broadcasting Corporation Online)

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