LG Electronics Files Complaint Against Matsushita
Nov 3, 2004
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LG Electronics Co. Ltd. has begun a full-fledged effort to begin counter-legal action against Japan's Matsushita for allegedly infringing upon patent rights. LG Electronics has filed a complaint to the Seoul Central District Court against Panasonic Korea, Matsushita's branch corporation in Korea, for infringing its patents for plasma display panel (PDP) technology.

"Panasonic Korea has violated two PDP patents possessed by LG Electronics which involve electrode partition and panel operation technologies," LG claimed. "Accordingly, we've come to bring forward this lawsuit which seeks to prohibit Matsushita's infringement upon our patent rights as well as compensation for damages."

LG Electronics has requested that the trade committee of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (MOCIE) place restraints on PDP TV imports by Panasonic Korea.

"Through comprehensive countermeasures, we will firmly secure our technology patents which are the intangible properties of LG Electronics," said Executive Officer Ham Soo-young, head of LG Electronics patent center.

At the briefing, the Commerce, Industry, and Energy Minister Lee Hee-beom said, "I have relayed our government's view to Japan, which asks for discreet consideration over whether or not to postpone custom clearance."

Prior to this, Matsushita submitted an application to the Tokyo District Court and Japan Custom Office, requesting a temporary embargo on LG's PDP panels. (Digital Chosun)

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