Toshiba Announces First-Half Results
Oct 29, 2004
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Appliance and consumer electronics maker Toshiba Corporation reported that profitable results for the first-half (April to September) of fiscal year 2004.

The company announced that consolidated sales were 2.8 billion yen (approx. U.S. $25 million), an increase of 173.5 billion yen compared the same period in 2003. Net income increased by 40.6 billion yen from the same period of the previous year to 8.4 billion yen (approx. $75 million).

Toshiba said that sales were helped by increased sales of home appliances, and digital and electronic devices. Laundry appliances and air-conditioners led home appliance sales, while cellular phones, computers, and LCD display products led the consumer electronic category.

The company said it expects a net profit of 50 billion yen (approx. $471.7 million) and sales of 5.8 trillion yen (approx. $55.4 billion) through March 2005. Toshiba earned 28.8 billion yen and on sales of 5.58 trillion yen in the fiscal year through March 2004.

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