Pioneer Showcases HD and Plasma Offering in Manhattan
Oct 28, 2004
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Pioneer Electronics Inc. opened The PureVision Loft, a showroom where the company says consumers can experience the impact of high-definition (HD) plasma television and make educated decisions regarding the consumer electronics market.

The 2,200-sq-ft urban home located in Manhattan, NY, U.S. showcases the latest integrated home theater, audio, and DVD technology, including six of Pioneer's newest plasma designs ranging in size from 43- to 61-in.

"Today we have the content, the customer demand, and technology more advanced and affordable than ever before," said Russ Johnston, senior vice president of Marketing for the Home Entertainment division of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. "We need to help make it easy to get a television that will actually match the incredible experience people get in the store."

While the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) reports that more than 60 percent of American television viewers recognize the abbreviation "HDTV," consumers say the choices can be confusing. Mr. Johnston believes many consumers appreciate the vast improvement in realism and dimension the picture quality offers, but says he also realizes consumers are faced with multiple choices because of new television technologies.

He says Pioneer is committed to helping people better understand HD technology and what to look for when buying a new television, and The PureVision Loft will help accomplish that.

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