Akai Exporting Appliances to Iran
Oct 28, 2004
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The first batch of wide-screen TVs manufactured by the Japanese electronic giant Akai Company arrived -- after a 25 year hiatus -- in the southern port of Khorramshahr, Iran.

The Akai representative to Iran Siamak Mazloumizadeh told IRNA that the office is the center for the company's operation in Iran, with another 100 sale centers and after-sale-service offices opened throughout the country. "Before the imposed Iraqi war, the port was the site for several internationally known brand names," Mr. Mazloumizadeh said.

He added that many foreign companies are not aware of the suitable docking and clearing facilities of the port as well as its affordable prices. Good rail, road, and air links and competitive labor provide good prospects for economic and trade vibrancy of Khorramshahr and the broader region.

Akai, which has imported wide-screen TV sets, plans to market air-conditioners and refrigerators for the region as well. "Its products will also be exported to Iraq soon," Mr. Mazloumizadeh said. (IRNA)

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