Sony India Pushes Aiwa Audio Systems
Oct 22, 2004
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Sony India Private Ltd. is said to be planning to expand its Indian network of Aiwa audio systems by increasing the number of dealers from 140 to 220, and its distributors from 30 to 45, within the next year.

Plans are also in the works to set up significant numbers of Aiwa shops within premium retail outlets and malls, according to Amitabh Bhatnagar, product head, Aiwa, Sony India.

Sony India first launched the Aiwa audio systems in October 2003. The electronics maker sources its eight models of Aiwa hi-fi audio systems in India from China and Malaysia, and is now to planning to launch four new Aiwa models in the micro audio systems, and two in the potable audio systems.

According to Mr. Bhatmagar, Sony will son make a foray into the “walkman” and accessories market by importing them from China and Malaysia, targeting India’s youth market.

“As for competition, while Sony walkmans and accessories such as headphones are targeted at the premium-end of the market, Aiwa walkmans will be more of a lifestyle product,” Mr. Bhatmagar said.

The Aiwa audio systems are priced between Rs 9,990 and Rs 24,900 (approx. U.S. $216 to $544). Aiwa walkmans and accessories will be available in the Rs 2,500 range (approx. $54).

Sony India hopes to sell 2,000 units of Aiwa audio systems per month, and grow Aiwa’s market share from 4 to 7 percent. The company hopes the Aiwa brand will contribute an additional 10 percent to the company’s profits. (The Financial Express)

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