Samsung Halts Production of Curved Screen TVs
Oct 21, 2004
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Samsung Electronics has pushed up its date to halt production of curved-screen TVs to the beginning of 2005. The South Korea-electronics maker had originally planned to discontinue production at the end of 2005 and will focus all of its production on flat-screen televisions.

The only places where the curved-screen TVs are currently being manufactured and sold are in certain regions in India and Africa. Samsung has already stopped making and selling curved-screen TVs in Korea, the U.S., China, and Southeast Asia. In Brazil, where Samsung recently reopened its production facilities, the factory produced 300,000 flat-screen TVs.

“Curved-screen television sets have low-added value and do not fit well with out luxury digital TV brand. That’s why we decided to cut off production earlier than planned,” a Samsung official said. “We will now focus more on high added-value products such as projection TVs, plasma display panels, and other liquid crystal display TVs.”

Other Korean-based television makers will continue manufacturing and selling curved-screen TVs. LG Electronics said it has stopped production of these TVs in Korea, but its factories in Southwest Asia and India are still making them for those markets.

Daewoo Electronics said that curved-screen TV sets make up 60 percent of its total production worldwide. “Most of them are exported, and there’s still some demand in Korea,” a Daewoo official said. “We don’t have any plans at the moment to change our production levels.” (JoongAng Daily)

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