Poland Makes World’s Top Ten for Outsourcing
Oct 15, 2004
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Poland is the world’s tenth most popular outsourcing center, according to the Warsaw Business Journal. Poland grabbed a significant share of the $143 billion European market in 2005.

Figures from Forrester Research suggest the European information and communications technology-outsourcing market will grow to U.S. $117 billion this year, a jump of 23 percent on 2003.

While the majority of the outsourcing orders are still being awarded to India, China, Malaysia, and the Czech Republic, Poland, followed by Hungary, are both well placed to receive their share of the action.

Figures from the A.T. Kearny consulting company reveal Poland won contracts worth $106.46 million in 2003. Growth estimates for 2005 in business process outsourcing of around 11 percent worldwide and 20 percent in Europe, outsourcing contracts awarded to Poland are expected to increase.

Managing director of IDC Poland Andrzej Jarosz said, "Central and Eastern European countries are becoming a major outsourcing destination. For the whole CEE region we have and intend to continue doubling our turnover in the region year on year."

Experts say both Poland’s private and public sector stand to gain considerably from outsourcing.

"Poland is 5 maybe 10 years behind Western Europe and the United States. To some extent it is an opportunity to catch up in terms of IT and communications technology," said Marty McCaffrey, a senior advisor with the U.S.-based Outsourcing Institute. (Warsaw Business Journal)

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