iRiver to Develop In-Car Audio-Player Appiances
Oct 14, 2004
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South Korean MP3-player manufacturer iRiver is gearing up to develop an in-car audio-player that will integrate an MP3 player, satellite radio, and e-mail functionalities on a single-chip solution, said company CEO Marilyn Chen. The process will stress the importance of reducing power consumption.

iRiver recently launched its first portable multimedia player, the PMP-120, which features an embedded Linux OS and is also for car-use applications. Ms. Chen said the company is now in talks with a South Korea-based,car-stereo company and will possibly team up with a China-based car-stereo company for in-car audio-player development in the future.

The company is completing construction of a new plant in China, with monthly capacity expected to surpass 700,000 units at the new plant. iRiver is also making moves toward operating an OEM, OBM, or ODM business model.

iRiver will set up a branch office in Germany, targeting the Western Europe market, Ms. Chen said. iRiver Japan, established in 2003, currently contributes monthly revenues of U.S. $4 million to the company, with forecasted revenues of $500 million, up from $280 million in 2003. (Digitimes)

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