New Sony DVD Burner Can Record With or Without PC
Oct 14, 2004
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Sony announced that it has unveiled the first DVD burner capable of stand-alone, real-time DVD recording, as well as computer-attached burning.

Sony's new DVDirect(TM) device can connect directly to a camcorder or VCR for transferring tape-based video footage to DVD for playback on most home DVD players and PC DVD-ROM drives, the company said.

The DVDirect burner can also be attached to a PC, Sony said, and comes with the necessary software for advanced DVD video authoring projects, as well as the creation of data, music, and video DVDs, and CDs.

"Preserving precious moments onto DVD has never been easier than with the DVDirect burner," said Robert DeMoulin, marketing manager for branded storage products in Sony Electronics' IT Products Division. "Users can simply connect their camcorder to the recorder, hit the record button, and out comes a DVD disc that they can pop into their home DVD player. Meanwhile, computer-savvy users can attach the DVDirect device to a PC to perform all of the common tasks characteristic of computer-attached burners."

Sony says the new device can burn up to 12 hours of MPEG-2 video onto compatible double layer DVD+R DL discs or up to 6 hours onto standard single layer DVD+R or DVD+RW discs. It is also said to be capable of automatically inserting chapters onto DVDs through DVD+Video Recording (+VR), or "start and stop" recording, so users can jump to specific parts of a DVD during playback and edit video footage on demand.

The DVDirect burner is expected to ship in November for an estimated selling price of around U.S. $300.

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