Dyson Introduces New Vacuum Feature
Oct 12, 2004
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UK-based Dyson announced that its latest vacuum cleaner, the DC14, features Telescope Reach -- a lightweight extension tube that expands for instant cleaning.

The wand is said to allow users to reach tight corners and edges by simply extending the wand from the handle and pointing it. Although an upright vac, Dyson claims the DC14 has the versatility of a cylinder machine and, like all Dyson vacuum cleaners, does not lose suction.

The new model features Dyson's patented Root Cyclone(TM) technology, which is said to separate dirt, dust, and debris from the air using centrifugal forces of up to 200,000G's. Because it doesn’t clog or lose suction, the DC14 Telescope Reach picks up more dirt around the home rather than leaving it in the carpet, Dyson claims. A trigger bin is also said to make emptying the cleaner quick and hygienic.

The Telescope Reach also has a new Debris Slot, a channel on the front of the cleaner head that catches larger dirt and debris rather than "snowplow" it across smooth floors, the company said.

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