Nokia to Unveil Redesigned TV Phone
Oct 5, 2004
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Nokia is set to unveil another attempt at a mobile phone designed for television and video that is thinner and lighter than its predecessor, which never made it to the market, a source said.

The Nokia 7710 media device will be launched at a company event in Monaco next month, exactly one year after Nokia first showed a phone designed for television, video, and other entertainment.

Nokia dropped the 7700, nicknamed 'The Elephant Ear' by several mobile operators due to its large size and semi-oval shape, because it could not sell it. The company hopes its successor will be more popular with customers, a source close the company said.

Nokia would not comment on rumors.

The Finnish mobile phone giant, which makes roughly one in every three mobile phones sold around the world, said last month it would participate in a mobile television trial with cable and Britain's broadcast technology firm NTL and mobile operator O2, operated by Britain's mmO2.

It was not the first time Nokia stumbled in its attempt to enter new markets. Its first N-Gage mobile gaming device, which was introduced two years ago, also had to be re-engineered to make it smaller, lighter, and easier to use. (Reuters)

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