Philips, Procter & Gamble Announce New Power Toothbrush System
Oct 4, 2004
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In an alliance of two major oral care brands, Royal Philips Electronics and Procter & Gamble announced the IntelliClean System from Philips' Sonicare and Crest, an integrated power toothbrush and liquid toothpaste dispensing system.

According to the companies, the combination of Philips' Sonicare's patented sonic technology and high- speed bristle motion coupled with specially formulated Crest liquid toothpaste creates a dynamic fluid cleaning action that drives the cleaning ingredients between teeth and along the gum line. The IntelliClean System will reach retail stores in the spring of 2005.

"Philips' Sonicare is personally used and recommended by more dental professionals in the United States than any other power toothbrush brand," said Conrad H. Smits, senior vice president, Philips DAP and CEO, Philips Oral Healthcare, Inc. "This alliance with Procter & Gamble brings together the best teams in the oral health industry for an initiative that takes oral care technology to a new level of oral care benefits."

Ayman Ismail, general manager, Global Oral Care at Procter & Gamble added: "We are always looking for new ways to bring meaningful innovations to consumers, and the IntelliClean System combines the technology and experience of two leading oral care brands, Procter & Gamble and Philips Oral Healthcare."

The IntelliClean System incorporates the following Philips' Sonicare features:

  • a two-minute Smartimer(R) to ensure consumers brush for the dental professional-recommended 2-minute brushing time,
  • a Quadpacer(R) to signal every 30 sec to move to another mouth quadrant, ensuring thorough cleaning in all areas of the mouth,
  • an Easy-Start(R) feature to allow for gentle increases in brushing power over first 14 uses, helping users get accustomed to power toothbrushing, and
  • dual-speed control for high and low speed settings.

    Dental professionals will begin offering the IntelliClean System from Sonicare and Crest as early as October 2004 after the launch of the product at the American Dental Association (ADA) show.

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