Maytag's Jackson Plant Recognized
Oct 4, 2004
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Maytag's Jackson Dishwasher Product Plant (Jackson, MS, U.S.) was selected as one of the 10 best manufacturing facilities in North America.

The plant was selected for the annual award by Industry Week magazine and was one of 10 recipients selected from 400 plants nominated nationally for the award.

"The people on the floor are saying they are proud to be recognized for the improvements they have made over the years," said Willie Parker, Jackson's senior director of Operations. "It's one thing for me to stand up in front of them and say they are doing a good job, but to be recognized nationally really means something."

Manufacturing plants nominated for the award must meet or exceed several criteria to win, including good management practices, plant performance, application of new technologies, productivity, environmental and safety performances, and competitiveness, said Lynne Dragomier, senior director for Corporate Communications.

This is the second award the dishwasher plant has received. The first was the Shingo Award, a manufacturing award for excellence, Ms. Dragomier said. (The Jackson Sun)

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