OMRON Launches New RFID Reader
Sep 29, 2004
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Japanese RFID systems provider OMRON Corp. is launching its new V740 series EPC reader and writer for UHF-band RFID tags in North America. The new RFID reader and writer is said to be EPC compatible. It is also designed to accommodate Generation 2 protocol by EPC Global (C1G2) by upgrading its firmware when specifications become available.

Major retailers and the U.S. Department of Defense are setting a wide range of mandates that require product suppliers to apply RFID tags to containers, palettes, and cases prior to warehousing. The devices will first become available in the U.S. prior to Japan or Europe.

“We strongly believe the V740 series offers valuable new features to logistics and supply chain management in the U.S.,” said Mitsugi Abe, head of the Omron RFID business department.

Omron also entered into an technology license agreement with ThingMagic, a U.S.-based company and member of EPC global, promoting standardization of RFID technology.

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