Fisher and Paykel's Washing Machine Dumping Complaint Upheld
Sep 22, 2004
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New Zealand appliance maker Fisher and Paykel (F&P) Appliances said its complaint of dumping by South Korea's LG Electronics has been upheld by Australian Customs.

In 2002, F&P Appliances complained of dumping of washing machines by several South Korean manufacturers, including LG, Daewoo Electronics, and Samsung Electronics, in the Australian market.

Australian customs upheld the complaint for all but LG Electronics, and imposed dumping duties ranging up to 45 percent.

F&P Appliances requested a review, which resulted in LG Electronics having dumping duty in the range of 2 to 10 percent.

F & P Appliances is New Zealand's biggest manufacturer of laundry and kitchen appliances, with a substantial manufacturing plant in Australia. (Reuters)

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