Home Appliance Ownership Up in Israel
Sep 21, 2004
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Home appliance and durable goods ownership is rising in Israel, despite a recession and fall in a standard of living.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, recently released figures indicate that one-third of Israeli households were connected to the Internet in 2003, up from 25.4 percent in 2002, and 17.7 percent had a DVD player, up from 11.9 percent a year earlier. About 70.6 percent of households subscribed to cable or satellite television.

The figures also indicated that 94.3 percent of Israeli households have washing machines; 74.8 percent own a microwave; 65.3 percent a vacuum cleaner; 61.5 percent an air-conditioner; 64.8 percent a VCR; 54.6 percent a PC; 33.9 percent a clothes dryer; and 31.1 percent a dishwasher.

Ownership distribution of appliances and durable goods according to income level also revealed wide differences between upper and lower income households. (Globes)

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