LG Wants Big Piece of Home Network Pie by 2008
Sep 21, 2004
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LG Electronics said it plans to grow its home network business into a U.S. $2 billion activity by 2008 as consumers clamor for products that can send music, movies, and television shows between rooms, according to a Reuters report.

LG, Korea's top home appliance maker, is vying with companies including domestic rival Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. to launch products that connect devices in the home to each other and the Internet.

"We expect about $10 billion just for the home access and home server segment by 2008," Park Hyun said, vice president of LG's home network division. "LG should have about 20 percent of that."

While the technologies are already available, conflicting standards are holding back the home network market. LG is a member of the global Digital Living Network Alliance which along with other technology companies is trying to harmonize standards for home networks.

Mr. Hyun said LG would exhibit the first of its DLNA-compliant personal video recorders in January 2005. (Reuters)

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