Maytag Agrees to Tentative Neptune Settlement
Sep 15, 2004
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Maytag Corporation (Newton, IA, U.S.) has agreed to a tentative settlement in a lawsuit alleging design flaws with early versions of its Neptune front-load washers. Maytag spokeswoman Lynne Dragomier says registered owners will soon receive letters outlining the terms.

The lawsuit alleges that early versions of the Neptune had door latch, motor, and related circuit board problems that caused odor, mold, and mildew. Maytag denies the allegations and says it has attempted to repair all problems.

Ms. Dragomier says while Maytag believes there is no merit to the legal claims, the company decided the settlement was the best way to serve Maytag consumers.

Besides reimbursement for repairs, Maytag also will pay up to U.S. $500 dollars to those who already bought a new machine to replace their Neptune. Reimbursements in each category are limited to $2 million dollars. (Associated Press)

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