Electrolux Launches First Frost-Free Chest Freezer
Sep 10, 2004
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Electrolux is launching the world's first frost-free chest freezer for the European market. Available in mid-September, the technology is said to meet consumer defrosting needs and will ensure that food items no longer stick together and labels on containers remain legible at all times.

According to the company, sales of frost-free technologies have increased over recent years. According to a recent study by research group Gfk, sales of frost-free combination fridge-freezers accounted for 16 percent of total European retail revenue in 2000. This figure almost doubled to 30 percent in 2003 and is expected to continue as consumers increasingly buy into such ease of use solutions.

"The demand for frost-free technologies in Europe is very high, mostly as a result of the fact that people just do not like to defrost their freezers," Jim Hanson, product line manager for Chest Freezers Europe, said. "The introduction of the world's first frost-free chest freezer is an important milestone in solving one of the most dreaded household chores in Europe. By eliminating the need for defrosting we are helping to make our consumers' lives a little easier, and offering them precious extra time to do what they really want."

Electrolux says the Frost-Free Chest Freezer contains an innovative ventilation system that allows for quicker and even chilling. The appliance reportedly maintains an even temperature throughout, so food items can be placed anywhere while retaining their nutritional value and taste. The unit features a fast-freeze option, which is said to freeze food quickly after it is brought home.

Challenging conventional chest freezer design, the company says ventilation holes in the lid are designed for an optimal airflow while a centrally placed light ensures increased visibility. Two ice tray holders, placed in the lid, keep ice cubes at hand and are easily visible and accessible while four freezer baskets help keep contents in order.

Electrolux says the frost-free chest freezer has a specially designed balanced lid that opens easily and stays securely in place while adding or removing items. If, by accident, the lid is left open, a light and sound alert will indicate that the temperature is too high. The Frost-Free lid can also be locked, protecting children from getting hurt.

Electrolux will launch three models of the new Frost Free Chest Freezer in Europe, offering capacities of 200-, 250-, and 300-L (7.1-, 8.8-, and 10.6-cu ft).

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