UK Consumers Think Kitchens Are Waste of Space
Sep 10, 2004
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New research conducted by Hygena at Curry's, the UK's largest kitchen appliance retailer, revealed that 60 percent of UK consumers are not satisfied with their current kitchens.

The majority of consumers who participated in the poll said they are "making do" with secondhand kitchens, most designed by previous owners. More than 88 percent said they weren't happy with their kitchens because "they didn't choose it."

In addition to cooking, other statistics from the survey revealed that:

- 70 percent use their kitchen for laundry;
- 49 percent eat in their kitchen space;
- 27 percent use the kitchen for entertaining;
- 19 percent relax in their kitchen; and
- 13 percent like to watch TV.

Storage space is also an issue, with more than a quarter of respondents (27 percent) craving more cabinet space. According to the survey, space within kitchens is so limited in the UK that many kitchen appliances are spilling out into other areas of the house including bedrooms and even bathrooms.

The survey reported that 43 percent of respondents said they stored appliances in other rooms due to a lack of space in the kitchen, such as garages or sheds, basements, dining rooms, bedrooms and living rooms.

When asked what appliances they'd buy if space wasn't an issue, UK consumers opted for dishwashers and U.S.-style refrigerators.

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