The Holmes Group Unveils Scented CD Player
Sep 8, 2004
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Small appliance maker The Holmes Group announced it is partnering with Procter & Gamble to develop the Febreze(TM) Scentstories(TM) player.

Developed and manufactured under the Bionaire(R) brand, the newly designed scent CD player combines patented technology of scent dispersal with a series of scents developed by Procter & Gamble. The scent player comes with a reusable, themed scent disc containing five complementary scents that play one by one, each for 30 min.

The limited edition model, sold and distributed by The Holmes Group, will include a music CD that includes sounds of nature set to music. "In order to provide differentiation in the product for the department and specialty retailers," says Paul Powers, senior vice president and general manager of the Home Environment business for The Holmes Group, "The inclusion of a music CD for these channels will provide the ultimate sensory experience for the consumer."

The initial launch of the appliance was in August by Procter & Gamble and will be followed by the limited edition model in September to department and specialty retailers by The Holmes Group.

"The Holmes Group's ability to develop the technology we needed was essential to the successful debut of this new product," said Martin Hettich, marketing director for Febreze. "Their expertise in manufacturing this revolutionary appliance was critical to the success of the Scentstories player launch."

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