Siemens Notifies Consumers of Possible Cell Phone Malfunction
Aug 30, 2004
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Cell phone manufacturer Siemens is informing consumers of a possible software malfunction in certain cell phones that could result in the emission of a loud noise that many cause some loss of hearing to the user.

Although Siemens has not received any reports of injuries from the malfunction, consumers using one of the affected models were advised to immediately program the phone to prevent the malfunction.

The possible software malfunction involves Siemens mobile phone models C65, CX65, M65, S65, SL65, CV65, CT65, CXV65, and CXT65. The company said it is possible some U.S. and Canadian consumers may have purchased these models from U.S. or Canadian retailers that independently obtained them from foreign distributors. Siemens itself has not sold any of these models in the U.S., but sales of the C65 have been made in Canada, the company said. It also said it has not sold any other of the affected models in Canada.

According to Siemens, the malfunction occurs only if, while the phone is in use, the battery runs down to the point that the phone automatically disconnects the call and begins to shut down. When that happens, the phone may begin playing a "shutdown melody" at a very high volume. In extreme cases, if the loud playback occurs while a user is still holding the phone to his or her ear, it may present some risk to the person's hearing.

The manufacturer said it has already developed new equipment software that stops this malfunction. After approval is received from the network operators, the updated software will be made available to consumers free of charge in the coming weeks. It also said that the malfunction does not affect the performance of other features of the 65 product series, including Bluetooth(TM), audio and video functions, and an integrated camera.

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