Brazil Appliance Sales Increase
Aug 18, 2004
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Brazil's electronic goods sales rose 34 percent in the first half of 2004 compared with the same period last year, according to preliminary figures released by the country's National Association of Electronics Manufacturers (Eletros).

Audio and video sales increased 50.3 percent for the 6-month period in 2004 compared to the same period in 2003. Sales of refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, and other white goods increased 25.3 percent.

According to the report, portable goods sales increased 25.6 percent in the first 6-months of 2004 from the first half of 2003.

"The preliminary report for the first half shows a significant recovery, but it's necessary to note that the basis for comparison last year is very weak and we should only know if this recovery is for real if sales keep growing at the same pace in the coming months," Paulo Saab, Eletros president said.

In June alone, overall sales were 31.3 higher than in the same period last year. Audio and video sales in June rose 45.8 percent from a year before, while sales of white and portable goods increased 22 percent and 22.8 percent respectively.

In accordance with the first 6-month results, Eletros has revised its sales growth forecast for 2004 to between 7 percent and 10 percent, up previously from 4 percent. (AE Brazil)

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