Chinese Prefer Front-Loading Washing Machines
Aug 16, 2004
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Front-loading washers prevailed over the traditional top-loading machines in the shopping list of Chinese customers, according to a recent survey conducted by the China Electronic News newspaper and the mainland Internet portal

Some 82.71 percent of the respondents prefer front-loading models as their next washer, while 15.63 percent stick to top-loading machines.

Cleanness seem to be the top concern of domestic consumers, as 34 percent of respondents believe front-loaders clean better than top-loading machines, and 28 percent think the latter are worn out faster.

Those who declined front-loading washers are mainly worried about their high price (45 percent) and power consumption features (although according to test results, top-loading machines, though cheaper, use more water and electricity).

To the disappointment of global washer giants, Chinese customers seem to prefer local brands than international logos despite recent efforts of foreign companies to promote their products in the mainland market.

Haier grabbed the top seat for 4 years in a row, with a popularity of 56.18 percent; local brand Little Swan followed second, while Siemens took third place.

Top-loading washers fill the tub with enough water to cover the clothing, and then agitate them to get the clothing clean; front-loading machines, having no agitators, clean clothes by tumbling them through a concentrated water and detergent mixture. (XIC)

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