Philips Announces School-Based Defibrillator Program
Aug 10, 2004
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Royal Philips Electronics announced the introduction and immediate availability of the Philips HeartStart Essentials Toolkit for Education. The Toolkit, designed for the school environment, provides step-by-step implementation guidelines for establishing successful early defibrillation programs.

School-based early defibrillation programs are instituted to help protect students, faculty, parents, and visitors from the threat of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), which claim more than 340,000 lives annually in the U.S.

According to the company, the Philips HeartStart Essentials Toolkit addresses the key issues and challenges associated with the creation of school-based defibrillation programs. Philips has successfully helped numerous school systems across the U.S. implement their own programs, where Philips HeartStart Defibrillators were installed in a variety of locations including elementary, middle and high schools, as well as athletic fields and facilities, administrative buildings, and other school sites.

In addition to the tools designed to help administrators and medical directors implement the program, the Early Defibrillation Program Implementation Guide for Schools provides suggestions on financing options and how to identify and secure funding for early defibrillation programs. The Program Implementation Guide also supplies each school with potential funding sources including health-related institutions, foundations and charitable trusts, corporate underwriters, civic and fraternal groups, and federal, state, county, and local government agencies.

In addition, as part of the HeartStart Essentials program, a member of the Philips HeartStart Clinical Implementation Team serves as a guide for each school throughout every step of the implementation process. A HeartStart Clinical Implementation specialist is also available on an ongoing basis to ensure continued support for each school program.

"Philips approach to building successful school-based defibrillation programs is to work closely with each school to help them attain the common goal of improving survival from sudden cardiac arrest," said Deborah DiSanzo, vice president, general manager of Cardiac Resuscitation for Philips Medical Systems. "An essential element in helping schools be successful is to provide them with detailed blueprints and tools to both implement and sustain successful early defibrillation programs."

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