Salton's Beyond Series Introduces Kitchen Entertainment Center
Aug 10, 2004
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Beyond, a connected home business initiative from appliance maker Salton, Inc., has introduced a new entertainment unit for the kitchen.

According to the company, the iCEBOX(TM) features Internet access, a television, DVD and CD player, FM radio, and a video monitoring system -- all in one unit. Designed specifically for the kitchen, the wireless keyboard and remote control are waterproof.

The iCEBOX FlipScreen, which is also being launched by Beyond, is reportedly designed to fit under a kitchen wall unit to help save worktop space. The iCEBOX can reportedly be operated with one hand and the screen can also be rotated and angled so it can be viewed from anywhere in the kitchen.

Featuring Internet capabilities, the iCEBOX can be connected via broadband or through the telephone line. By flipping down the 15-in LCD monitor, users can also watch television or DVDs. The iCEBOX can also provide music with its integrated CD player and FM radio that features 3D stereo sound. The company also says the iCEBOX can be attached to an optional CCTV camera to turn the unit into a monitor for any room in the house.

"We have worked hard to design a product that is truly meant for the kitchen," says Graham Drage, European Business Development Director at Beyond. "Recent research has shown that women are involved in 89 percent of all consumer electronic purchasing decisions, and yet only 1 percent believe manufacturers have them in mind when developing products. We are confident that iCEBOX(TM) is set to change this trend and will be a welcome addition to any home."

The iCEBOX has a suggested retail price of GBP 1999.99 (approx. U.S. $3,672) and is available in slate or black.

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