Report Says Fuel Cell Market Will Be Disappointing
Jul 20, 2004
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While the market for battery cells is estimated to exceed U.S. $9 billion by 2010 -- driven by the growing demand for portable devices -- the demand for small form factor fuel cells will be disappointing, according to a report from Strategy Analytics.

The firm believes that the development of Lithium-sulfur batteries promises to double the capacity of traditional rechargeable batteries, but that the development of the fuel-cell market will be inhibited by the lack of a suitable supply chain and restrictions on the carriage of methanol on public aircraft.

"The concept of rechargeable or disposable batteries is well understood by the end consumer market, and the demand for portable devices will expand overall market revenues for battery cell manufactures," Strategy Analytics Associate John Moroney said. "More efficient power usage will reduce the overall power demands of portable devices, while new cell chemistries, such as lithium-sulfur, will double the usable power. However, Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFCs) will make slow progress into niche markets, such as military applications, driven by the need to be free from the infrastructure of modern society."

David Kerr, vice president, added: "Digital devices have become an important part of everyone's life; manufacturers now need to educate consumers about the various cell types available to them…."

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