Consumers Rate Samsung and LG Cell Phones Highest
Jul 9, 2004
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Research and consulting firm Strategy Analytics' report "US Mobile Handsets: Samsung & LG Lead in Feature Satisfaction," highlights the changing balance of power as Asian vendors raise performance benchmarks for the cell phone industry, and traditional leaders struggle to keep up.

This Wireless Device Strategies (WDS) service report surveyed 1,000 cellular phone users across the U.S. and detected a 50 percent decline in those users "very satisfied" with their mobile devices, compared with 2001 levels. The introduction of higher quality, feature-rich devices (i.e. clamshell, slider formats, color screens, cameras) has raised mobile user expectations and sparked increasing discontent with older devices.

Analyst Eddie Tapiero, author of the report, said, "Samsung, LG, and Kyocera have done an exceptional job improving handset feature values, while Nokia and Motorola have not fared as well. This is a wake up call for all vendors, as consumers become ever more demanding of features and styles, and less bound by traditional brand relationships."

David Kerr, vice president of the Global Wireless Practice, said, "The bad news is that overall satisfaction is down. The good news is that if vendors can deliver improved performance in displays, user interface, and form factor, there is significant replacement potential. More than ever, vendors need to benchmark performance against best-in-class competition. They must effectively map product feature decisions to user-driven ROI analysis."

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