Dyson Faces Damage Suit
Jun 28, 2004
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Norman Grant, 59, of Cranford Road, Aberdeen, Scotland claims he suffered painful head and wrist injuries in the accident at his home in March 2002 after his Dyson vacuum cleaner knocked him down the stairs as he tried to clean.

Dyson admitted liability for the accident and the court must now decide the amount of damages to be paid.

In court, Mr Grant used the purple and aqua Dyson to demonstrate how he had been injured.

He said: "I needed the extension, the hose extension with the brush at the end, to suck up the cobwebs above." Holding the vacuum extension outstretched, Mr Grant said: "I was at the top step, going as near as I could to the cobwebs. "I stretched out and got to the nearest one. Then it (the extension) just broke apart and came back at me.

"Suddenly there was just this flash came at me and something struck me on the arm and the next minute I found myself at the bottom of the stairs," Mr. Grant said.

Mr Grant said he had fallen down about 14 or 15 steps and said he has been forced to turn down a driving job due to the pain. He said other activities such as golf, gardening, and household chores had also been affected.

The case is still in court. (BBC News)

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