IBM Releases Early Details of New Desktop PC
Jun 18, 2004
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IBM has released early details on its new, upcoming ThinkCentre S50 desktop PC. This will be the smallest desktop PC introduced by IBM.

With a footprint that is said to be smaller than many notebook PCs, the new ThinkCentre S50 reportedly will space without compromising function.

The to-be-released ThinkCentre will be integrated with IBM's patented ThinkVantage Technologies.

The ThinkCentre S50 weights 13 lbs, almost the same as IBM's first notebook computer, the 12-lb IBM 5140 PC Convertible launched in 1986.

The new computer will be about the size of the New York City, NY, U.S. phonebook, similar to a typical box of breakfast cereal. It will be 11-in wide by 10.2-in deep by 3.3-in high.

The S50 ultra small also features the IBM ThinkVantage Design, meaning that it is encased in a steel chassis with all the components inside the machine, such as the hard disk and memory.

"Office space is shrinking in nearly all industries, and desktop PCs need to acknowledge that trend," said Fran O'Sullivan, general manager of IBM's Personal Computing Division, in a written statement. "People need to use their office space more efficiently, and every square inch on their desktop is important. When your desktop PC occupies a footprint even smaller than a notebook, you've got more room for the folders, pads and documents of everyday office life."

The ThinkCentre S50 ultra small is reportedly 35-percent smaller than the current S50. Its footprint is 8-percent smaller than a ThinkPad T41 notebook computer

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