IPC Designers Council Announces Printed Circuit Board Symposiums
Jun 18, 2004
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The IPC Designers Council announces that it will host two Designers Learning Symposiums on August 24-25, 2004, in Albuquerque, NM, U.S. and on November 9-10, 2004, in Montreal, Canada, for printed circuit board (PCB) designers throughout North America.

Each symposium will offer a comprehensive technical program with presentations dealing with major topics in the industry. Experts in the industry will provide the following presentations on the necessary skills that PCB designers and others involved in engineering or manufacturing can immediately apply:

  • Designing Embedded Resistors and Capacitors
  • Distributed Capacitance and Buried Passives: Materials, Design and Performance
  • Embedded Component Design
  • BGA Implementation—Design Issue Focus
  • Printed Wiring Board Purchasing for the Buyer
  • Design for Electrical Performance
  • Microvia Routing/Design
  • High-Performance Materials
  • Introduction to Lead-Free PCB Soldering Technologies for Designers
  • Vision 2010: Design Technology for the Future
  • PCB Design for Radio Frequency (RF) Applications.

  • Additionally, half-day, off-site applied training segments at an interconnect manufacturing service/PCB company will allow PCB designers to learn new skills and apply them to actual manufacturing practices via the latest design software.

    Immediately following each symposium, IPC will also host its three-day certification program for PCB designers who aspire to become Certified Interconnect Designers or Advanced Certified Interconnect Designers. Developed to assess one’s knowledge of how to transform a schematic into a reliable rigid PCB design that can be easily manufactured, assembled and tested, these certification classes are based on several critical IPC documents that link design principles to the end product use of the printed wiring assembly.

    For more information and to register for the 2004 Symposiums, visit the Web site, http://dc.ipc.org, or contact Stephannie Caliendo, IPC’s Designers Council program manager, at calist@ipc.org or +1 847/790-5302.

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