Master-Bilt Unveils Master-Chill MCR Series Roll-In Blast Chiller
Jun 17, 2004
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Master-Bilt, a New Albany, MS, U.S.-based manufacturer of commercial refrigeration systems, has unveiled its Master-Chill MCR series, a new prototype roll-in blast chiller.

The MCR series will feature stainless steel construction and drain, with polyurethane foamed-in-place insulation. The chiller’s flush mounted exterior control panel will have a digital readout of the interior ambient temperature. In addition, it will have a digital cycle timer that will automate the defrost and hold cycles. Once chilling has ceased, an audible alarm sounds to prompt the user.

Master-Bilt’s new blast chiller will come furnished with a stainless steel rack, which accommodates 26 pans on a total of 13 ledges. A "hold-open" door feature will reportedly assist users in moving product in and out, while door gasket heaters make sure the door opens reliably.

"As we continue to expand our foodservice line, a blast chiller was one of the most sensible products to bring to the marketplace," said Bill Huffman, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Master-Bilt. "We have had customers requesting it for various foodservice needs and we wanted to supply them with a solid, reliable product."

Blast chillers are primarily used to quickly reduce the temperature of hot food items to prevent formation of dangerous bacteria. According to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommendations, foodservice operators have approximately 2 hr to reduce the temperature of hot food to 70ºF, and another 4 hr to decrease it to 40ºF to suspend bacteria growth.

In addition to improving food safety, the process is also said to increase shelf life by an additional 2 to 3 days.

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