Arcelik Announces Sales Results of Beko Brand
Jun 16, 2004
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Appliance maker Arcelik A.S. (Istanbul, Turkey) has announced its sales results for its Beko-branded products.

The company reports that it has sold a total of 4.3 million units of Beko-branded products in 2003 in 101 countries, ranging from the UK to the Ivory Islands, at a rate of one product per 2 sec. The Turkish appliance maker bases the statistic on total number of working hours.

Arcelik says it plans to increase its sales by 40 percent, reaching a total of 6 million units in 2004.

Having been in the European market for more than 10 years, Beko-branded household appliances and consumer electronics are sold through large distribution channels. Arcelik products are sold to consumers internationally mainly under its Beko brand.

"We have not only achieved reaching consumers at key international markets, but also have been able to meet different consumer needs at relatively smaller markets as well," Gunduz Ozdemir, CEO of Arcelik, said in a press release. "Beko products can be found in countries ranging from the UK, France, Germany, to Congo and the Ivory Islands. Market shares have reached 10 percent in various countries, contributing to our competitive positioning in the international markets."

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