Report Reveals U.S. Mobile User Trends
Jun 7, 2004
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A report released by global research firm Strategy Analytics (Newton, MA, U.S.) found a surging need for improved connectivity and usability among cell phone users in the U.S.

The report, which surveyed 1,000 cell phone users across the U.S., revealed that 54 percent of those surveyed want cordless headsets, while 50 percent want access to push-to-talk (PTT) connectivity, and more than one-third would prefer improved personal information management (PIM) capabilities.

"Users are interested in true wireless connectivity, and they want it effortlessly," Eddie Tapiero, analyst and author of the report, said. "They want to connect with friends, family, and colleagues using both wireless headsets and PTT. In addition, users would like the ability to synchronize calendars and scheduling applications and to connect to work resources without the need of base stations or wire lines. Current technologies, like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, allow handsets to improve connectivity, thus we are likely to see OTA applications becoming more popular over the next couple of years."

Other key findings of the report include:

  • 22 percent of all users are interested in Bluetooth technology;
  • only 13 percent of users are interested in QWERTY keypads, while only 1-in-10 see value in video or music applications or games;
  • interest in multimedia and productivity applications will be driven by "Business Pragmatists," "Technophiles," and "Digital Youth," while "Traditionalists" and "Followers" --which make up over half of the market -- will prove a challenge for operators to migrate beyond SMS.
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