Dyson Launches New Canister Vacuum in U.S.
Jun 2, 2004
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Vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson has introduced the DC11 Telescope, a canister vacuum for the U.S. market that is said to be designed for easy storage.

The DC11 Telescope is a full-size, full-power canister vacuum that the company claims compresses for easy carrying and storage.

Said to be ideal for urban apartment dwellers and homes with limited storage space, the vacuum compresses to 11- by 13- by 16.5-in. The fully telescopic wand and hose are designed to wrap around the body of the machine. The unit also features an adjustable wand with an ergonomic handle and a removable Clean Air Turbine Head (patent pending) that locks in place at the back of the machine for storage. The vacuum also has a retractable 21.7-ft-long power cord that stores within the body of the machine by pressing a button.

Like all Dyson vacuums, Telescope uses patented Dyson Root12Cyclone(TM) technology and claims to not lose suction. According to the company, the technology works by causing high volumes of air to spin extremely fast through 12 individual cyclones, creating an unprecedented amount of centrifugal force. Dirt and debris are subjected to this force and subsequently thrown to the outer edges of the vacuum bin, effectively removing these particles from carpets, Dyson claims.

The company maintains that bag canister vacuums rely on the bag to hold back the dust; when dust and dirt enter the bag, tiny pores on the bag inevitably become clogged, causing restricted airflow. It also says that so-called "bagless" canister vacuums also suffer from clogging, as they rely on a filter to act as a barrier to hold back dust, which clogs just like a bag. Dyson claims that because there’s nothing to clog in its vacuum, the suction power remains constant and cleans every room as well as the first.

The DC11 Telescope vacuum cleaners will be available in the U.S. as of May 2004 for a suggested retail price of U.S. $549.99.

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