Panasonic Introduces Split Air-Conditioners for Middle Eastern Market
May 27, 2004
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Panasonic, electronics and home appliance maker, announced it has launched its complete range of decorative Split Air-Conditioners with Super Ionizer in the Middle East.

The launch follows the recent brand unification undertaken by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd, Panasonic's parent company. Under the brand unification, the name Panasonic has replaced National on all home appliances and electrical products, and taken over as the main global brand.

“We are delighted to introduce the Panasonic Split Air Conditioner range to our customers in the Middle East. This marks the introduction of the first range of air-conditioners, following the global brand unification, to be manufactured and marketed under the Panasonic brand name. We have timed the launch to coincide with the start of the hot summer months in the region,” said Masaki Okamoto, product manager, Air-Conditioners, Panasonic Marketing Middle East FZE.

According to the company, the CS/CU-C28CKS range uses less energy than any other competing brand, resulting in substantial cost savings over time. The units, featuring a high capacity 28,000 BTUs, also have the ability to provide cool air when it's warm, and hot air in colder weather. “It is for these reasons that we are confident that the new range will be well-accepted by consumers in the Middle East,” said Mr. Okamoto.

The company says the air-conditioners can deliver energy savings up to 13 percent over conventional models. They can be further pre-programmed through the remote control to operate in three modes, powerful, economy, or quiet. Individual setting modes such as airflow direction, fan speed, temperature setting, and timer operation can also be programmed. It also features an Auto Restart button that is useful during power fluctuations.

The air-purifying filter is coated with catechin, a natural anti-virus and antibacterial agent derived from tea-leaves that has traditionally been used to fight viruses and bacteria. According to the company, the catechin coated filter traps small airborne particles such as dust, pollen, and tobacco smoke, while a charcoal solar refreshing deodorizing filter absorbs tobacco smoke, pet dander, and other hidden contaminants to remove odours from the air it circulates.

To ensure constant flow of air, the air-conditioner uses a Super Ioniser that can generate rich negative ions. The specialized Blue fin Condenser is coated with a rustproof anti-corrosive coating, reportedly making it last three times longer than normal condensers.

The CS/CU-C28CKS split air-conditioner and the entire range is available through its UAE sole distributor Al Futtaim Panatech, part of the Al Futtaim Group. (AME Info)

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