Xybernaut Granted Patent in Israel
May 27, 2004
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Xybernaut(R) Corporation, a Fairfax, VA, U.S.-based provider of wearable/mobile computing hardware and software, announced that it has been granted a patent in Israel for its personal communications intellectual property (IP) and related technologies.

The Personal Communicator invention identifies a single device/unit called a Personal Communicator that combines the functions of a cell phone (mobile phone), a body-supported (wearable) computer and a pager.

The personal communicator has three detachable modules – a communications module, a display module, and a core computer module. According to the company, the core computer module has all the components of a general-purpose computer, and when detached, each of the modules can be used in other systems as well.

"Our intellectual property is a fundamental asset of the company and a strategic differentiator that has helped us forge and maintain a leadership position in mobile/wearable computing," stated Steven A. Newman, Xybernaut president and COO. "We are particularly pleased with the growing successes we have achieved in extremely difficult IP jurisdictions, including China, Japan, Europe, and now Israel."

Mr. Newman added that a key initiative for the company is working with third-party organizations to license and jointly develop Xybernaut IP into widely adopted computing and communication technologies and products. The company said it has already entered into licensing and business combination relationships with international companies to develop technologies and solution services directly rooted in Xybernaut IP.

The Personal Communicator IP has issued as Israeli Patent No. 134,782. A related patent application has been allowed by the U.S. Patent Office.

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