LG Electronics Senior Executive VP to Give Keynote
May 27, 2004
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Dr. Byung K. Yi, senior executive vice president at LG Electronics, will serve as a keynote speaker at this year's World Wireless Congress (WWC), which will be held in San Francisco from May 25 to 28, 2004.

Dr. Yi's keynote address, "The Roles of the Story telling Machine; The Window of an Individual Character to the World," will focus on the increasing importance of the mobile phone as it transitions from its role as a gadget used for convenience to an expression of its user's character and lifestyle.

The keynote will discuss how eventually the mobile phone will be a story-telling machine, evolved through books, radios, cinema screens, TVs, and computer screens. In his presentation, Dr. Yi will also discuss the growing need for cooperation between operators and handset manufacturers, as the rapid evolution of services demands increasingly diversified devices. His address will ask the question, "Is there any way to develop a rich communication experience without increasing the required bandwidth?"

Dr. Yi's keynote address is scheduled for the morning of Wednesday, May 26.

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