IPC Announces Call for Papers
May 19, 2004
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Northbrook, IL, U.S.-based IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries has announced a call for papers for its IPCWorks(R) 2004 technical conference. The conference, slated to take place Oct. 28, 2004 in Minneapolis, MN, U.S., will focus on PCB design, flex and chips, and packing and storage.

In the design track, the critical issues, including high-speed circuits, embedded passives, optical materials in organic substrates, and radio frequency (RF) design parameters that face today’s designer in the creation of electronic and optoelectronic assembly products will be examined.

Both the combined applications and the independent properties of flexible circuitry and chip scale packaging will be explored in the second track, while the packing and storage track will concentrate on the need for an industry standard on proper packaging and preservation of PCBs and board assemblies.

Presently, IPC is seeking papers from the following suggested topics:


  • Design for EMC
  • Embedded passive component technology
  • Design for optimum manufacturability
  • RF design principles
  • Designing to facilitate test and reliability
  • High-speed applications using today’s materials
  • Impedance control characteristics made easy
  • Establishing signal integrity requirements
  • From prototype to full production without losing capability.

    Flex and Chips:
  • Wafer level CSP
  • Flex processing innovations
  • CSPs in three dimensions
  • CSP solder joint reliability
  • Flex and lead free
  • Flex and CSP materials
  • Flip chip development
  • Flex test and reliability
  • Design for CSPs on flex.

    Packing and Storage:
  • Packaging methodologies (i.e. vacuum bags, dry nitrogen, desiccant, and moisture-indicator cards)
  • Mechanical handling damage
  • Baking/PCB moisture levels prior to soldering
  • End-user storage/shelf-life requirements
  • Solderability/oxidation concerns
  • Laminate concerns (delamination)
  • Effect of no-clean processes on board storage.

    Abstracts that detail case histories, field data, new technologies/innovations or research and findings and summarize the problems and resolutions, methods used, results of experiments and benefits to the industry must be received by June 15, 2004. Each 200- to 300-word abstract should include a biography. If an abstract is selected, technical papers and visuals will be due on Sept. 15, 2004.

    For more information on submitting a paper, visit IPC's Web site at www.ipc.org or contact Mary Tunk, IPC’s technical project manager, at MaryTunk@ipc.org or 847/790-5325.

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