Whirlpool Honors Top U.S. Suppliers
Apr 29, 2004
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Whirlpool Corporation announced the annual roster of the company's leading U.S. suppliers and will acknowledge them on April 29 at its Supplier Performance Awards Banquet at Lake Michigan College's Mendel Center in Benton Harbor, MI, U.S.

Whirlpool's Global Procurement Organization partners with suppliers around the world to obtain materials, components, and other products from leading suppliers. Whirlpool is honoring suppliers that have demonstrated excellence in quality, delivery, productivity, and innovation.

"Whirlpool's excellent supply base deserves part of the credit for the success we have achieved the last few years in transforming our company into an innovative industry leader that places the customer front and center of our operations globally," said Jeff Fettig, Whirlpool's president and chief operating officer. "To achieve the degree of customer loyalty that we are aiming for, Whirlpool depends not only on the dedication of 68,000 employees worldwide, but also on the hard work and dependability of its suppliers."

Out of the company's approximately 700 U.S. suppliers, Whirlpool recognized 41 companies for outstanding performance. These suppliers were judged primarily against three criteria: quality of their goods, productivity, and material management. A total of 47 supplier awards will be issued at the banquet, with several companies winning more than one award.

Those companies honored with distinction by Whirlpool and the products they supply are as follows:

  • Arkansas General Industries (motors and pumps)
  • BSI - Mansfield (aluminum and steel components)
  • Davlyn Manufacturing Company (seals, insulators, shims and glass)
  • E.G.O. North America Inc. (electrical controls and electrical elements)
  • Indiana Tube Corporation (steel components)
  • Mansfield Industries Inc. (steel components)
  • The Valspar Corporation (paint)
  • White Electronic Designs (electrical controls)

    Other honorees include the following:
  • Air Products & Chemicals Inc. (foam ingredients)
  • American Wire Tech Inc. (electrical controls)
  • ATC Frost Magnetics Inc. (electrical elements)
  • Atlantis Plastics (major and minor plastic molded components)
  • Catalytic Combustion Corp. (steel components)
  • Chiaphua Components LTD. (motors and pumps)
  • Chick Packaging (wood and carton material)
  • DNA Group Inc. (electrical components)
  • Emerson Appliance Motor Division (motors and pumps)
  • Ferro Corporation (porcelain)
  • Green Bay Packaging Inc. (wood and carton material)
  • Groschopp Inc. (motors and pumps)
  • Holm Industries Inc. (fasteners and plastic extruded parts)
  • KML Bearing America Inc. (steel components)
  • Marsco Manufacturing Co. Inc. (seals, insulators, shims, glass)
  • Master Manufacturing Co. Inc. (fasteners and steel components)
  • McGregor Surmount (electrical components)
  • Moll Industries Inc. (major and minor plastic molded parts)
  • Nueva Generacion Manufacturas SA DE (electrical components)
  • OEM Solutions Group (insulation)
  • Ohio Decorative Inc. (zinc and aluminum casings)
  • Omega Products Inc. (steel components)
  • Panasonic (foreign purchased components)
  • Poly-Flex Circuits Inc. (electrical controls)
  • Polyone Corp. (plastic resin)
  • Schott HomeTech North America (seals, insulators, shims, glass)
  • Stackpole LTD (powder metal and iron casings)
  • Temple-Inland (wood and carton material)
  • Texas Instruments (electrical controls)
  • Ticona (plastic resins)
  • Tutco Inc. (electrical elements)
  • Wolverine Joining Technologies (metal bonding)

    American Trim LLC was also recognized this year for bringing consumer-relevant innovative ideas to Whirlpool.

    Consecutive year honorees were Davlyn Mfg. Company, E.G.O. North America Inc., Omega Products Inc., Temple Inland, and Wolverine Joining Technologies.

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