HANNOVER FAIR 2004 Reports High Visitor Traffic
Apr 28, 2004
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This year's HANNOVER FAIR reported success as one of the world's leading technology trade shows featuring the entire industrial supply chain. The eight trade shows staged under the HANNOVER FAIR 2004 umbrella each focused on a particular link in the industrial chain in order to cover the entire range of process and production automation.

Some 180,000 visitors -- nearly 50,000 of which came from abroad -- were on hand to see exhibits staged by 5,040 exhibitors across a total display area of 151,500 sq m. The show organizers reported that the ratio of approximately 1.2 visitors per sq m of rented space was much higher than in recent years (2003 was 0.94 and 2002 was 0.97).

Some 40 percent of these foreign attendees came from outside of Europe -- a new record for the HANNOVER FAIR. The greatest rise in attendance was reported for Asia, with about 70 percent more visitors attending the fair from this region.

Companies exhibiting at HANNOVER FAIR 2004 gave the show top marks in a survey, with 44 percent describing their business outlook as "favorable" to "very favorable" - a far better rating than in 2003 (29 percent) and 2002 (39 percent).

Show organizers reported that exhibitors from around the world rated their sales prospects this year considerably higher than last year. They also gave better marks to the number of promising talks held with attending professionals. Some 44 percent rated this as "favorable" to "very favorable" compared to just 40 percent last year.

There was also a noticeable increase in the number of contacts with potential new customers at this year's HANNOVER FAIR, with 39 percent of all exhibiting firms classifying this number as "favorable" to "very favorable," whereas the 2003 survey revealed only 33 percent.

The associations behind the HANNOVER FAIR, the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEI) and the German Engineering Federation (VDMA), both based in Frankfurt/Main, took a positive view of the fair.

The ZVEI emphasized how the mood of its member companies became more and more buoyant as the fair progressed. "While at the start of the event, the majority of companies rated their prospects for business on a par with last year's, by closing day three out of four firms felt their prospects looked better," ZVEI said in a statement.

VDMA member companies exhibiting at the show also noted the widespread mood of buoyancy: "The expectations of most exhibitors were met, and in some cases even exceeded," stated the association.

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