Intel Introduces New Processors for Cell Phones, Wireless PDAs
Apr 22, 2004
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Intel Corporation has announced a new family of processors based on Intel XScale(R) technology that can handle multiple forms of wireless broadband access with enough computing power to provide cell phones with full motion video conferencing capabilities and personal digital assistants (PDAs) with DVD-quality video playback.

The processors include a set of new technologies designed to meet the multimedia, low power and security requirements of advanced cell phones and wireless PDAs. Intel is also providing key technologies in addition to processing power including the next-generation of stacked packaging for added flash memory, a new multimedia accelerator for 3D rendering, optimized software and reference concept designs that allow cell phone and PDA makers to bring Intel-based mobile devices to market faster.

"Advances in wireless broadband demand a new kind of wireless device," said Sean Maloney, Intel executive vice president and general manager, Intel Communications Group. "As various forms of wireless broadband access become increasingly available—3G, Wi-Fi or WiMAX—mobile devices must have plenty of performance balanced with low power capabilities to be able to handle all that the Internet has to offer."

The Intel(R) PXA27x family of processors, formerly code-named "Bulverde," adds several new technologies to address the needs of cell phone and PDA users. It is said to be the first product to integrate the Intel Wireless MMX(TM) technology, providing additional performance for 3-D games and advanced video while improving battery-life. The new chip also utilizes Wireless Intel SpeedStep(R) technology, enabling significant power savings by intelligently managing voltage and frequency changes similar to the technology used in the company's notebook processors.

Also for the first time, Intel has integrated security features through its Intel Wireless Trusted Platform to provide services such as trusted boot, secure storage of private information, and cryptographic keys, and support for common security protocols. To help increase camera phone capabilities and quality, Intel has also incorporated Intel Quick Capture technology to support cameras delivering up to four or more megapixels of image quality.

The Intel PXA27x processor family will be offered in multiple configurations of clock speeds running from 312 up to 624 MHz, and with as much as 64 megabytes of stacked Intel StrataFlash(R) memory.

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