Arcelik Presents Award-Winning Motor Condition Monitor
Apr 21, 2004
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European appliance maker Arcelik A.S., announced that its research and development subsidiary, Artesis, has presented its Motor Condition Monitor (MCM) software/hardware product at the Hannover Messe 2004 fair for industrial technology, held in Hannover, Germany. The patented core technology, a result of a 25 year-long research effort, has previously been used in the U.S. at NASA.

MCM is a solution that safeguards rotating machinery from electrical and mechanical faults, such as misalignment, imbalance, bearing faults, and short-circuits, by measuring only voltages and currents. Applications include sectors of iron and steel works, glass plants, power generation plants, water departments of municipalities, and cement plants.

"MCM's primary purpose is to provide early warning of progressively deteriorating machine and process conditions, thereby maximizing a plant’s available assets through reducing unplanned downtime, and improving revenue and savings," said Ahmet Duyar, CEO of Artesis. "In addition, MCM provides information about the quality of the incoming power and energy consumption as well as the abnormalities in the plant."

Networking capability is a standard feature of MCM, and customers can choose to control and monitor the system remotely using MCM View software. The remote monitoring capability can be realized for both local and wide area networks, and necessary information can be brought directly to the desktop, rather than requiring personnel to travel to the machinery. Alternately, MCM can be integrated to commercial SCADA systems, maintenance management, and PAM programs for remote monitoring as well.

Control Engineering, a U.S. publication covering control, instrumentation, and automation systems worldwide, had chosen MCM as one of the "40 Best Products of 2000."

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