Maytag Celebrates 35th Anniversary of Commercial Microwave
Apr 20, 2004
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Maytag Corporation (Newton, IA, U.S.) is celebrating the 35th anniversary of its introduction of the Amana(R) Radarange(R) commercial microwave.

"It's amazing to see the impact the commercial microwave has had on the foodservice industry," says Kami Poppen, manager of commercial product development for Maytag's Amana brand, in a written statement. "As more restaurants take advantage of ready-serve options, the microwave is a primary piece of equipment in today's cooking lines. Under the Amana brand, we're continually looking at ways we can help simplify chefs' lives while allowing them to quickly prepare their signature menu items."

Amana also introduced what is said to be the world's first household microwave oven—the Amana(R) Radarange(R) in August 1967. Two years later, the first Amana Radarange(R) commercial microwave oven featured a 115-V current and only two buttons: "start" and "light." It also included two control knobs, one for cooking times up to five minutes, and the other for longer cooking times up to 25 minutes.

Now celebrating their 35th anniversary, Amana commercial microwaves feature up to 3,000 W of power, 11 power levels, a 100-program memory, and four cooking stages to prepare food.

Recent innovations further accelerate the cooking process, according to Maytag. The Amana(R) Convection Express(TM) oven combines microwave energy with convection heat to bake foods twice as fast as traditional ovens—allowing restaurants to quickly serve up oven-quality food. Heavy-duty models feature stainless steel inside and out for outstanding durability and easy cleaning.

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